Rabu, 11 Mei 2016

Megan Fox Before & After Surgery

And just what has Fox had to say to all this? She has denied and denounced the rumors, but in a display of a celebrity throwing back at least one of the accusations she created a photo series on her Facebook page entitled “Things You Can’t Do With Your Face When You Have Botox.”
This photo series showed Fox making a number of facial expressions that lead to a wrinkled forehead and raised eyebrows, things that are hard to do once the Botox injections really settle into your system.
So while a series of photographs may have debunked one accusation, just what do various celebrity photographs say about the other plastic surgery rumors flying around regarding Megan Fox and her possible visits to a plastic surgeon?
The fact that ’Megan Fox plastic surgeon’ is still a very popular search engine query, however, does show that, while some do believe that the star came into her beauty naturally and hasn’t started fighting the aging process yet, most still thing there must be some truth to Megan Fox plastic surgery rumors. It also suggests. However, that her procedures are seen as successful, since even doctors are unsure of what she’s had done, and fans want to know who actually did the job, so that they can achieve a similar result. On top of that, Megan is indeed considered a sex symbol, so she must be doing something right, for sure.

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